Idea Of Exhibition

It is important for me to show that Denmark is not just the country of the cartoon controversy but that Denmark, as well as the rest of Europe, is also a new abode for a growing Muslim population. This Muslim population includes immigrants as well as native Danes and other Europeans, who have converted and thus are new Muslims.

The Muslim community in Europe contains diversity among other things in regards to ethnicity, cultural background and whether they are born or new Muslims. Furthermore, European Muslims interpret Islam in different ways and adapt to the non-Muslim environment with a lot of creativity. In other words, Muslims in Denmark as well as the rest of Europe negotiate what it is to be Muslim in a European context.

I attempt to show this negotiation through a combination of images principally of architecture and people’s daily activities and ceremonial gatherings.

The images of architecture focus on old and new mosques in different European countries and how they adapt or contrast themselves to local architecture. By these images I add an often neglected brick to the rich and great architectures of Muslims around the world.

The images of the lives of Muslims consists of portraits of both born and new Muslims in activities such as biking, shopping, reading in the Quran, praying, celebrating weddings, participating in burials and so on and so forth.

I hope this exhibition will contribute to inspire the entire Muslim community to know one another as well as to establish bridges and cultural dialogue between Denmark and Egypt and, more broadly, between Europe and the Islamic world.